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RPS – December issue of ‘The Journal’

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RPS – December issue of ‘The Journal’

This job ticked one or two boxes for me and all in all a good job. Firstly the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) needed a visit documented for The Journal and had found my details via my website… this was good as RPS is one of the photographic governing bodies in the UK and also my websites have almost nil SEO but still they found my details.

Anyway the location was about 5 miles from my home (bonus!) and was in the National Media Museum. As I studied photography in Bradford and still live here the National Museum of Film & Photographic (as it was known back when…) played a major part of my education.

In 2003 the NMM acquired RPS archive collection of some 250,000 images, 8000 cameras and other photographic artifacts from the early days of photography through to current times.

The Dep Editor for The Journal came from to look around and research details for his article which featured in the Decembers issue.


(L-R Andrew Cattanach – Dept Editor ‘The Journal’, Colin Harding – NMM Curator)

Magazine / editorial commissions are a passion of mine and I always welcome them. I like to tell a story be it a stand-alone image or a gallery of images that can accompany text to give more weight to the whole article.

This magazine however has a more poignant side as it is for the RPS so the eyes looking on this article will have a more photographic viewpoint as appose other magazines I work for and their readership.

Needless to say that’s in the back of your mind but you can’t let that weigh too heavy on your thoughts.

JJP_4395Working with writers / editors on the job is great as you can ask questions and pull out whats going to be the main emphasis of the article and so then create images that hopefully compliment and support the copy.

Take for instance the image above of the RPS stores… this collection is vast and spread throughout the museum so needed to show the physical size and scale of this collection. Simple use of lines, wide angles accentuate dimensions to give the impression of size.

JJP_4481 As well as images showing both parties discussing, looking and browsing through the collection there’s always room for little ‘cut-away’, ‘fillers’, ‘ad-hoc’ images or whatever you would call them to add a little weight and options for the final layout.

JJP_4478I had to stay focused on the task in hand as I was getting drawn into the discussions time and time again as this was really interesting and fascinating to learn about the history for what has become my chosen career. Despite finishing my degree in photography some 15+ years ago, you are always learning…

The store room (above) is just full of historic artifacts from the world of film and photography which had me wandering round loosing track of time etc etc…

JJP_4503Do I miss film? (or as I say being from the North East “Filim”) …not really… but always nice to remember using the stuff, taking half of the fridge door to store it.

I suppose I miss being in the darkroom but not fingers smelling of fix! (email me if you want an explination 🙂

A commission from a Photographic body, for print and a few miles from my home… happy days …

You can see the final layout and images used in the ‘In Print’ section of my gallery.