Nuffield Hospital – Surgical Team

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Nuffield Hospital – Surgical Team

A return to Nuffield Health / Leeds Hospital was in order to update a surgical teams group photograph which appeared on their website (here). A relativity straight forward request but as ever I try to look for a suitable location with good lighting etc. As this was going to be taken in the atrium of the hospital we had to get these shots done efficiently and with little fuss as possible as patients were coming and going.

As ever I like to use speedlights as they are compact they can be placed and hidden in small areas…giving good control of light and can be used to create depth to the shot. Mentioned before but I use Phottix Odins as my chosen triggers (you can see these on a blog on my automotive website). These are fully dedicated and I can you fully dynamic range, so can shoot flash at 8000s. Being AF and not IR or using another flash as a commander the flash guns don’t need to be in ‘eye sight’ from the trigger unit.

Again every time you use these your constantly learning how light behaves and what you can get away with or what you can do with these small flash units with the help of the Odins.

The first shot required was a new team shot. This could have been done quite easily in a corridor, against a magnolia wall but with indoor shots you more often than not come up against florescent and other wonderful colour giving lights!

Without going to technical daylight and flash lights are around 5600k temperature… every light gives off a colour temperature which is not normally detected by the human eye….(incredible the human eye is!) the extreme of this is old street sodium lights which give off an orange cast. That is an easy and extreme example.

Getting back to the subject… I decided to shoot the group on the middle landing on the main stair case. Reasons being I could stand about 10 steps up from the group which is often more flattering than a straight on shot, It had a lot of natural light so wouldn’t mess up when introducing artificial light, there were physical areas where I could place the flash units.

The first image was the original full framed image. One of the first questions before I shoot is “where physically are these images going?”, this being a great example as the window in which this group shot was going to be place on the website was about 620px by 300px. In other words one third of my frame was going to be lost from this crop so I had to frame the group with plenty of surrounding area so the final crop could be achieved.

JJP_1780 a

The below crop is the area which was needed to fit into the website. Not only the physical crop but also the positioning of the group was influenced by this dictated size.

JJP_1780 crop

JJP_1787Lighting Nuffield PortraitsTwo speedlights were used in this shot to illuminate the team and balance with the daylight which was available.

From there we stayed on that mezzanine landing to shoot some quick individual portraits. A small brolly was added to the chosen main     light source and the other light repositioned for a key light over the left shoulder of the subject from my viewpoint. The resulting image (left), again not cropped too tight in camera but with a little room for cropping.

I’ve done a quick sketch to show a birds eye view of this set up with lights and camera positioning.




The next few images were to show a typical ‘consultation’ set-up… again a few lights to help fill the shot but hopefully not to make it too ‘fake’.The final image were taken in theatre… and yes for the second time at Nuffield I had to get changed into some greens and this time they were orange shoes!! (sorry no images were taken of that!)

Again using the surroundings of equipment to fill the frame and use of light that was there with the introduction of some flash to give some depth to the subject.


Till next time… be good