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Now What Live – lighting, business, passion – a mixed bag…

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Now What Live – lighting, business, passion – a mixed bag…

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about my work with Brad Burton. First met Brad back in 2011 when I first went self employed at a 4Networking meeting, a business which Brad had set up some 6 years previous.

Anyway since then I’ve captured many events, meetings both for 4Networking and for Brad as well.

This event was developed from Brads 4th book entitled ‘Now What’… I was asked to capture the event for a few specific images to add to Brads own business image gallery.

We don’t shoot every event but do shoot events that will give a different opportunity to capture an image / setup that has not been before. This the event was hosted in a Cinema in Reading city centre so the location was the main object as well as capturing the scale of the venue and event.

A main portrait was one of the key ‘assets’ that needed to be acquired from the days shoot to show the setup. Available light from the house lights, the strip lights you can see which iStead (Creative Audio Visual Company) installed for the event were the constant lighting that we had…

The other two lights are a couple of Speedlights. Again I’ve used these all over and go with me everywhere… small powerful and coupled with some phottix odin receivers and a transmitter I can fully adjust the power, zoom etc individually from the camera.

The light left of camera has a small white brolly which the light is reflecting off and the one camera right is higher and has no defuser, zoomed out to about 200mm.

Only think added in photoshop is an over egg’d vignette.

This lights where then moved to the rear unoccupied row of seats and positioned one back left and one back right.

If you look at these at any sort of magnification you will see I was shooting in the dark!…. Apart from the technical side, its really good to work with someone over a long period of time and get to know them personally. It helps to understand what they want from a shoot and the relationship helps to achieve that with more ease and confidence.

Another side note for working with people long term… the images you capture, the story you hold still in time bring back to mind more than the situation, event to which they were captured for in the first place.

Take the image below, well the image that is being projected at the the time this image was taken. That was an early shot taken some 4 years ago I think and at the time I was just capturing Brad and ‘TC’ in conversation being two figure heads of 4N and the ‘meet’, ‘chat’, graphics in the background were apart of 4N’s marketing. The reason Brad has reflected on this particular image was a pivotal moment with 4N, unbeknown to me at the time or for years since.

This to me is where photography can, through specifically capturing a moment or even like this a seemingly unimportant image can over the years be a very strong reminder from what you have faced, seen, overcome, a strong catalyst that takes you to a moment in the past.

Knowing your client a little better that just surface is an advantage (whatever subject that may be your photographing), yes I could have taken the images above from behind Brad or whoever they may be but I have a good idea (some of the time!) how Brad is in front of an audience which gives me that little edge to anticipate his movements, gestures.

Now after saying that it doesn’t happen all the time like that… but you can see when it does and just emphasises my point.

There wasn’t much angles here to play with to get some filler shots, to build the story of the day but a few above to show the scale of the day with prep, audience etc … Not only iStead there but the lads from Captive North, again these guys work with Brad so again you build up relationships with others which all helps towards the overall goal.

Dilys Price OBE, one of the guest speakers on the day above with Brad. Just to throw another technical point. The image of Dilys speaking with an image of her skydiving (she’s the world Guinness record holder for the oldest woman skydiver) this is shot with just available lighting. This impromptu image of Dilys and Brad as she was coming back up the stairs was taken with the two speedlights as I mentioned before. They asked for a quick shot down near the screen but I waved them up the stairs half way. As they made there way up I dialled up the power on the speedlights and adjusted accordingly (very rarely do I shoot on automatic) two frames just incase of any blinks and then slip back into the dark like a thief in the night. Who knows, this image could become another one of those poignant ones in the years to come…

Like in any walk of life or profession, you need to know your tools, skills etc… the more you use them the faster, the more intuitive you become.

Anyway a little mixed blog here, some technical waffle, some business… after all this is me, my experiences, my work, my passion.