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Lord Mandelson Visits BASF

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Lord Mandelson Visits BASF

A real last minute quick job to cover a visit by Lord Mandelson to UKs largest chemical plant – BASF Low Moor, West Yorkshire.

On a run of visits around the country over the EU referendum, local newspaper and TV interviews were scheduled and my role was to capture a few press images for internal use and also circulation by BASF to other press associations.


This was taken whilst being interviewed by the local newspaper… Capturing a look, gesture, eye contact is what I’m looking for. Also a background that is relevant and clean to set some sort of context.

As I was there for BASF and with no ‘news’ angle to capture I had no agenda to set or capture. With no lighting, using whatever is there and without setting up the shot you get yourself into a position and get the shot…


After a few interviews it was time for a quick site walk and a TV interview with BBC. Again my remit was to capture the event and document the visit for BASF.


(Lord Mandelson and UK BASF Managing Director Richard Carter)

Capturing images on a tight time, small window of opportunities and with a quick turnaround for press… this another aspect I like within my client base and work.

Until next time…