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Lawrence Tomlinson – Life In Cars

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Lawrence Tomlinson – Life In Cars

This one I could have blogged within my automotive website here but with it being more editorial I’m here blogging about my other passion with photography….photojournalism.

This article was shot for Classic Cars Magazine and their article entitled ‘Life in Cars’ and features a local business man to me here in Yorkshire – Lawrence Tomlinson. The owner and creature of the LNT Group you can read the array of ventures in more detail here.

Back to the story, this was originally booked to be in the Ginetta factory in Leeds which is about 30 mins from myself. It was rescheduled to Silverstone due to testing / racing by the Ginetta team which LT has much passion and dare say fun in pursuing.

This would be a case of grabbing what we needed in between races and other activities around the track. The first port of call was to sit down with LT in one of his race trucks and get some interesting stories and car history.

JJP_3137 JJP_3211 JJP_3201 JJP_3148

One main concern I had, well not really a concern but LT’s glasses were light reactive and so were constantly changing while we were inside so that meant I snapped away for a little longer as this dawned on me…


Always shoot more while capturing people talking so you can get a good facial shot and not some scrunched up face mid word! That or waiting for gaps in-between questions, sentences in order to get a relaxed posture.

After get a good selection of these interview images in the bag I moved outside to get set up for the main portrait.

Armed with again two trusty speedlights it would be daft not to shoot within the make-shift garage area, also its about 5 steps from where the interview took place!

The image below was the final one picked and you can see the final crop for the article.



JJP_8746 JJP_8729 JJP_8727 JJP_8722

These four images I’ve posted just to see the few variants to the set up we got within a space of 2 mins. The lights never changed for the bottom three but just the final shot without glasses. I think I had some shaper’s on the lights to stop the wide spill coming into the front of the lens and causing some flare…


After the main shot it was time to grab a few shots on track and ‘pit’ area…


IMG_3228   IMG_3229   IMG_3230

The other images were taken at the factory in Leeds and taken from stock.

Thanks to LT for being a gent and his time. Also for Ruth at Ginetta.

Hoping its not to long before I can return to Ginetta.

Until next time.