Kongsberg Automotive

Kongsberg Automotive

Kongsberg Automotive is a global provider of engineering, design, and manufacture for seat comfort, driver and motion control systems, fluid assemblies, and industrial driver interface products.

Their product line includes systems for seat comfort, clutch actuation, cable actuation, gear shifters, transmission control systems, stabilizing rods, couplings, electronic engine controls, specialty hoses, tubes and fittings. Kongsberg Automotive Fluid Systems has two sites that manufacture PTFE hose from start to finish. It was the site based in West Yorkshire where I captured images within the factory.

Kongsberg JJP_1208

Kongsberg JJP_1341


Kongsberg JJP_1310b

I’m a great believer in producing ‘stock shots’ which are unique to my clients. Small detailed shots can be used in many ways…

Kongsberg JJP_1305

One of the many braiding machines. When these are in full swing they don’t half shift!

Kongsberg JJP_1288

Kevlar braiding…. Thankfully you can run this machine in a go slow state which enabled us to capture the bobbins motion.

Kongsberg JJP_1263

Again another cut away of these off cuts, lit to emphasis the companies main colour.

Kongsberg JJP_1184

Kongsberg JJP_1078

Laser’s checking the thickness of the piping.

If your like me I ask loads of questions about how and why things work… in one way it helps me understand the subject and so I can focus on the main details which could be a selling point for my client…..

As well as documenting the factory I also captured some of their products which proved ‘interesting’ to photograph!