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Johnson Service Group – Director Mag

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Johnson Service Group – Director Mag

I always like magazine shoots for a number of reasons…

Firstly you could say I’m old school, but I like to see prints. Looking back over 6×4’s touching prints adds to the experience of looking at photographs. So for me in this day and age of content being digitally, to still have a printed magazine, something to touch and feel makes it for me more real.

A magazine lasts physically anything that is on a website or a news site. You have a copy… that takes up physical space. Think you get what I mean.

The other reason I like magazine shoots is because of the editorial content. Inevitably the content of a photograph is being written about, a subject is being explained to the reader. As I’ve said before its all about the story. I’ve also mentioned before I enjoy documenting a story, subject matter, event etc etc whilst it is going on… to open the doors to whatever your capturing and then displaying it to the viewer.

Not only that fly on the wall side of shooting but I also like to create an image that tells a story, construct an image that encapsulates the essence of the story or article.

Quite often for me it is a portrait… be it an image for a press release like the new two piece flights suits for Yorkshire Air Ambulance, or a stand alone shot for an article, like the shot we did for ‘Mog Mag’ and the portrait of Miles Hilton Barber, all the elements are there to illustrate the story.

This shoot was commissioned by Director Magazine, to capture a ‘stand alone’ portrait of Johnson’s CEO and then some ‘filler’ shots to add to the article.


Quickly finding a location within the building for a backdrop we could get about 3-4 variants within one small area using similar lighting.

Ranging from full length to 3/4 shot, changing the stance and pose to give the art editor a choice so the image would give more weight to the article…


The images above are taken from the same area but just framing things in the foreground to fill, add to the depth of the image. Knowing that it would probably be a full length page portrait but if landscape they could run with a double page bleed…


The image above is the final selected one for the article. Again when submitting images you really have no idea which one they will go with, yes you know that out of these portraits you know that one will be the lead image but which one is unknown.


The other shots I take with just available light, so you can work quick and get in and out.

So the mixture of setting up a ‘hero’, ‘stand-alone’ shot and documentary in one commission is a good one…

You can see the short article in my ‘in print’ section here.

Until next time…


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