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Huddersfield Literary Festival 2015

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Huddersfield Literary Festival 2015

Last week was the second time for me to shoot the Huddersfield Literary festival with 2014 being my first. Like last year I was given a free reign to capture various events and activities as I saw them. The lighting is the main issue as different venues through up different lighting challenges… from colour temperatures to just down right strength of light!

The content was a collective mix from shooting a ‘Slam Poerty’ contest to afternoon tea with Helen Lederer and David Hobbs. My style I feel is consistent through out the whole festival whilst dealing with the various lighting issues.

Here are a few images from the various events I was tasked to capture…


Author MR Carey at the opening evening to the festival reading an extract from his book ‘The Girl With All the Gifts’…


Literary Afternoon Tea proved a well attended event in 2014 and proved even more popular this year with David Nobbs (above) & Helen Lederer (below).


When you arrive at a venue and see that they do have some form of stage lighting … that makes you smile. Reason being I don’t use flash in this type of setting as I want to be able to move around discreetly in and amongst the audience if possible and without disturbing the proceedings with flashes going off every two seconds. The image below is an audience with author Matt Haig and is one of those times you are grateful of some stage lighting…



(above) Not the most powerful of stage lighting but every little helps…


Poetry Slam was an event that was a first for me to shoot which was hosted by Jamie DeWolf (above) and also featured guest poet Kei Miller (below)


This was the best lighting in the sense of brightness of the whole festival. A small venue which was pitch black apart from a solitary stage light and made navigating amongst the audience a little cumbersome, especially when you have your kit around your waist in lens pouches etc…

You have to run with this lighting and go with it….which I don’t mind and like.

One very interesting lecture was given by TV presenter Wilf’ Lunn and an insight into his inventions … they have to be seen to be believed.


This was in a lecture theater which had okay lighting but had fire doors either side, over head projectors, equipment etc which was difficult to avoid and limited my angles to shoot from but we managed to get a few different images.

As ever the ‘live’ TV played its part with a few inventions, ‘not playing ball’ but that only added to the afternoon.

JJP_7794 JJP_7780

The last event I shot was the last one also for the festival. Storytelling & Adaptation with graphic novelists Mary & Bryan Talbot, choreographer Bettina Carpi and composer Gary Lloyd.


(L-R) Mary & Bryan Talbot in conversation with Gary Lloyd.


Choreographer Bettina Carpi with her dance partner Christopher Owen in the first viewing of their forthcoming dance theater work based on ‘Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes’. Dance and music adaptation of the said novel.

For me this was interesting as I do like ‘arts’ in its widest form, playing various musical instruments I also enjoyed listening to how the music composing played its part in the piece.

Being left alone in that sense to do your thing is a welcome break from some tight briefs that you do get which made this job enjoyable.