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Guitarist – Dave Brons

Guitarist – Dave Brons

Its always great to work with friends… Dave Brons was no different. An old house mate from the mid 90’s, Dave already an accomplished guitarist then but now is one of THE best guitarists I know pursuing his passion. We’ve worked on a few images from his website, album cover through to his gigs.

The first image was on set of his video ‘Star’ … Fairly cold but great to see things coming together. You can see the video here.

Incidentally the vertical image also taken at the video shoot of Dave was used for a up coming gig poster ‘3B’ (you can see here) three guitarist, Paul Bielatowicz, Dave Bainbridge and Dave Brons himself. I’ll also be there taking some images which I’ll post here when complete.

The shot of the vaulted mill was to be the base for the album cover. The square version of the image can be cut up into 9 squares, each being a single cover and then the album would be the whole complete image.

If your into guitar playing and like to see some tutorials by Dave be sure to check out his YouTube videos here.





Brons Album Cover