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Dog Fouling Campaign – Wakefield Campaign

Dog Fouling Campaign – Wakefield Campaign

This was one of the most interesting commissions I’ve had and a new skill that I thought I’d never add to my ‘repertoire’ …. Fake dog poo making…!

To make a good fake dog poo and might I add good enough to eat…all you need is porridge oats and cocoa powder….simple as.

The previous poster which was in the summer time was of a baby in a park sat on the grass leaning forward and poking a finger in some dog poo. A similar reaction to what you’ve just done was also required for the autumn / winter season. Wanting a dim lit, wet public street to depict more urban topography was needed to emphasis the cold weather and the more likely dog owners wouldn’t hang around to clear up after the dog. NOT that all dog owners are the same but really targeting those that don’t bother.

I took a quick sample shot (below) as the poster was already predetermined with size and the window in-which the image would sit. All systems go after they saw the initial image which I also mocked up into the poster so they could see exactly what was visually in my head!

JJP_8625 test shot

Piping bag in hand filled with my chocolate creation we returned to the location with my friend Dan (aka the dog walker) and ‘Rocky’ the dog … Below are a few shots we took with Dan and Rocky. In the end the single shot of Dan’s foot made the final poster.

Incidentally the image was flipped over so it would fit into the final window of the poster. Just had to double check there were no street signs, clothes labels or writing etc would be visible in the scene as this would have been more work post production.

Must add that Rocky was really interested interested in the chocolate porridge and we had a few moments where he had a good feed.

Friends are great to call upon especially when its as bonkers as this assignment!

Thank you to you all as this one would have been very difficult to achieve without you.

Jona… (aka fake dog poo maker)

You can see the final poster in the ‘In Print’ section of my portfolio.

A bit of blurb for the lighting…. a single speedlight with a full CTO gel to match the already present sodium street lighting.




130896 Dog Fouling NEW 6 Sheet