Bentley & Vertu announce new partnership

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Bentley & Vertu announce new partnership

Always good to see the fruit of your labor when building relationships with new clients and Bentley is the most recent. This was a trip to their newly build showroom, ‘CW1 House’ beside the Crewe factory. This was to capture an image to accompany the press release which announced their latest partnership with Vertu phones.

(Taken from Bentleys website…you can read the full article here)

Bentley and Vertu, two great British brands, are delighted to announce an exclusive five-year partnership. The new series of luxury smartphones will be distinguished by the unparalleled design, craftsmanship, contemporary elegance, outstanding performance and integrated technology which are the hallmarks of both companies.

The first Vertu for Bentley phone is planned for launch in October. It will be followed by four further distinctive luxury smartphones, each of which will encompass authentic and iconic Bentley design elements and luxury lifestyle services. Exclusive Bentley experiences and the latest Bentley content for owners and enthusiasts will be consolidated in an application on the device.

At the headquarters of Bentley in Crewe, Wolfgang Dürheimer, chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors, said: “Bentley’s new partnership with Vertu brings together two world-leading brands defined by their commitment to performance, luxury and customer experience. The collaboration expands Bentley’s luxury range into the cutting-edge world of mobile communications and offers customers a new way to experience the world of Bentley.

“Exclusive Bentley content will appeal to drivers, travellers and brand enthusiasts, through a partnership that delivers on both technology and touch. Today, we see the marriage of two great brands with an international presence and quintessential British heritage and character. The unique experience of luxury and performance inherent in every Bentley has now found further expression in the world’s most desirable mobile phone.”

Massimiliano Pogliani, CEO of Vertu, commented: “Vertu is the embodiment of contemporary English luxury, combining the worlds of high technology and artisan craftsmanship. We wanted to work with an automotive partner that perfectly reflected our own positioning, and in Bentley, there is none finer.

First issue was to find a location that was a suitable background but didn’t cause too much other issues with lighting etc as we only had 10 mins or so with both CEO’s and another Bentley board member.

In the end we tried a few quick locations and the few images here were selected by Bentley and Vertu.


Bentley 1 JJP_3393

(L-R) Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer, Vertu CEO Massimiliano Pogliani and Bentley Board member Kevin Rose.