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Bentley – More than just luxury Motors

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Bentley – More than just luxury Motors

Last weekend I had the pleasure of capturing a Royal event for my client Bentley Motors. Over the course of the weekend we followed a group of journalists from various luxury lifestyle magazines that were based in various locations from Dubai to South Africa.

The first location we visited was Halcyon Gallery. Two particular exhibitions – the work of contemporary Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn & world renowned glass blower / artist Dale Chihuly. Dale is one of the ‘Visionaries’ for the Bentley Mulsanne. You can see a short video plus other visionaries and their vlogs here.



Bentley is more than just luxury motoring… its a true brand and lifestyle in itself. Its a  privilege to see and document how Bentley engage with their clients / customers in portraying their brand.


Documenting events / ‘experiences’ is really interesting but also thought challenging. With 8 or so journalists present you’ve limited knowledge to what their angle or story will be, so you try and cover a few different angles.


Moving on from Lorenzo Quinn we went to look at American glass sculpture Dale Chihuly. As already mentioned he is one of the Mulsanne visionaries… We were taken into a large gallery space which had glass artwork hanging on the wall that were lit from the rear in all vivid colours.


In the centre of the room was a table with a simple glass top but underneath the glass table top were a body of work that really needs to be seen in order to appreciate the craftsmanship and skill involved.


It was a great space to be in which has been used for various functions even private dining using the one off glass table… which would be in the region £1m. (when that was mentioned i took a good step back and made sure I had a good hold of my camera!)

After spending a few hours and lunch at the halcyon Gallery we moved onto Pankhurst in Carnaby St.

A gentlemen’s barbers shop… a place that has some well known names as their clients.


The link here to Bentley is that the barbers chairs have been upholstered by the craftsmen at Bentley factory. This place has a feel of quality, a little haven, a gem. A lounge away from the public view in order to relax before you have a haircut or a deluxe wet shave…


Seeing the Bentley logo on the chairs seemed to fit, to work. The life style and branding of Bentley, looking for the best in quality and attention to detail mirrored that of Pankhurst’s. For the gentleman who likes a good pair of shoes, watch and a great hair-cut… this place is worth checking out.

Unfortunately I couldn’t spend much time here as I needed to follow the ‘ladies’ to Bentley home and see some of their Bentley’s luxury home furnishings.


Needless to say the furniture just oozed class and quality … from this Presidential desk (above) to the bedroom suite (below). There was even a Bentley dog bed….


The day was finished off with a private dinner at The Pantechnicon Rooms.


A full day with great company…. a pleasure.

The next blog entry will be for the day after this one….

Until then…