#B3Gig …incredible gig…

#B3Gig …incredible gig…

An old house mate of mine (already blogged about – Dave Brons) was part of a guitar fest gig at the 7Arts – Leeds with not only the three B’s Dave Brons, Paul Bielatowicz, Dave Bainbridge but also bass player Simon Fitzpatrick and Tom Quayle. Individually amazing musicians really worth checking them all out.

Anyway it was a sell out in a great venue. I’m not a guitarist … (well other than the classic few chords) but I could appreciate the complexity and pure skill all these guys showed last night.

Dave Bainbridge started the evening off with some crazy guitar playing, which by the way is not his first instrument (Yeap…time to pick your jaw off the ground!) and also keys. He formed a band called IONA who have been touring the world since they formed in 1989 and have just returned from a tour in Japan. As students we all listened to Iona and its great to see my old house mates Dave Brons, also Mark Swift (keyboardist) playing with Dave Bainbridge…


Next up was Dave Brons and his ‘Band’. Playing his style of instrumental music which he and the band co-wrote… Tom Quayle played for a few numbers and added his fusion style to the mix…


One of the more well known guitarists of the night was Paul Bielatowictz (joined by Simon Fitzpatrick) who has just released his debut solo album ‘Preludes & Etudes’… (follow this link for a quick sample) which is essentially the electric guitar as a classical instrument. Paul tours the world with Carl Palmer and is an incredible musician and also a great performer which brought the music even more to life…




At the end we saw all the guitarists come together to play a 9min piece called ‘Castlerigg Reels’… as you can see I’m not good with words and I find it hard to articulate that piece of music but this just left the audience speechless and brought a standing ovation.


They all played and ended with ‘Superstition’ sung by drummer John Biglands … and yes they all had a solo… An incredible evening, a pleasure and privilege to be there and witness such talent all in one place.


If you are into guitars and kit… Dan, another good friend was there last night who makes custom pedals… www.4114customeffects.co.uk , a couple of the guitarists were using a few of his pedals… (below is an image of Paul and one of Dan’s pedals)


You can see all the final images in my portfolio gallery here.